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This region is the birthplace of the Australian nation, where Australians threw off colonial rule and where our national identity was created.
The majority of the towns and cities along this route were all settled by between 1830 and 1850 and were isolated from the colonial rule of Sydney for many decades.

The settlers were from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, Germany, France and a dozen other nations, and they all shared a healthy dislike of British aristocratic rule.

This is where Australia's first multicultural society was born, where in the 1851 gold was discovered and people from dozens of different nationalitites and religions came to Australia. Religion and nationality were no longer important and the need to work together and to be ability to rely on each other was paramount.
This is where mateship and a "Fair Go" was born.

Today as you travel through these regions you can still see evidence of the early history of Scottish, Irish, Welsh English, Germany and even Chinese and Indian settlers in this region of Australia.



Locally Owned On Line Booking System

Our aim to provide a cost effective alternative to the large international companies who now dominate Australia's on line accommodations.
Ocean Road Accommodation is totally commission free and only charges an annual fee to use the system.
A 20 unit motel can typically save between $40,000 and $60,000 in commissions by having a booking system which does charge commissions on bookings.

Ocean Road Accommodation covers the following regions

  • The spectacular scenery of The Great Ocean Road and the iconic 12 Apostles
  • Kangaroo Island - one of Australia's"Top 10" tourist attractions
  • Australia's best wine regions including McLaren Vale, Coonawarra and Barossa
  • Australian history - Ballarat and the Eureka uprising
  • Gold - the discovery which triggered a massive migration from all points of the globe.
  • The Grampians - all of Australia's unique flora and fauna in one place
  • Eco tourism - wetlands of the Coorong and the temperatre rain forrest of The Otways
  • The Australian outback country around Keith and Naracoorte, typical of Australia vast inland regions
  • Australia's best known surfing locations - Bell's Beach - Torquay ect
  • Rich farming regions of the Western Districts of Victoria which sustained Australia's growth after the gold rush.




The coastal route takes in all of the most significant beaches between Melbourne and Adelaide. These include the best surfing beaches, swimming beaches and those locations suitable for family holidays.
Also included are the scenic locations, such as the 12 Apostles plus some of the lesser known ( but also worth visiting) such as the Bay of Islands (Peterborough) and the Crags (near Port Fairy) plus many others.....

This guide is an independant and unbiased assessments of all the significant destinations and interesting locations between Melbourne and Adelaide
We strive to give visitors a true indication of what they can expect to see and expirience, rather than sugar coating everything, if we consider an attraction or location is not very interesting - then we say so.
We also try to promote destinations and locations which we believe are worthwhile visiting and we have tried to give comprehensive and accurate descriptions of each location and attraction so visitors can assess if it may be of particular interest to them.....

Above Maits Rest -


Adelaide to Melbourne
or Melbourne to Adelaide
Grampians and Goldfields
Great Ocean Road

Create your own package tour with the option of using your own vehicle, a hire car or using public transport
Choose where your want to stay and for how long from a range of options and then book everything from one central location.



The Great Winery Tour - an easy three or four day tour taking in McLaren Vale, Mt Benson, Coonawarra and Barossa Valley.The round trip from Adelaide can be done by car or via public transport

The Great Southern Touring Route- a three to five day tour, taking in the Great Ocean Road, Grampians and Ballarat gold region. The round trip from Melbourne can done via public transport or by car and can be tailorwed to suit various interests, history eco tourism or just sightseeing and relaxing


The One Way Ticket - either Melbourne to Adelaide, or vice versa taking in some of Australia's best coastal scenery. This typically can be a 5 to 6 day tour or add a day or two for a couple of memorable inland diversions


The Grand Tour - take 10 or 12 days to see it all, from Adelaide (the city of churches) to Melbourne and back covering some of Australia's of the best scenery, ecology and history.


Ocean Road Mobile

Ocean Road Accommodation is a multi platform site and is fully functional on mobile phones, tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers.

Rather than trying to scale a large web site to try to fit it to a small screen, the Ocean Road web site has a dedicated layout specifically designed to be used on small screens. This makes the booking system far simpler and results in more bookings and less confusion with users.